Pan-European occult electronic triad of Heloise H, Olmo Uiutna, Mark Wagner

Embracing One and All through concrète noise, experimental mantra and cosmic varieté
They create Hypnotic Ultrasonic Magick.


H.U.M occurred the first time, one earthly rotation ago on Virgina Woolf's estate… Wiltshire, UK… A festival… a Hermetic installation, a synergetic triangle formed and DEPARTED… The Sound of the Spheres… In successive breaths they re-formed and played gigs and sessions in London and Bristol tuning in to each other's sounds and harmonizing to each other’s vibrations. They dreamt up a series of tours and adventures and went to Switzerland for an Equinox ritual then > France and > back to the > UK and then on to Europe >>> Initiations, rites and magical conjurations were performed. They spontaneously develop telepathic sensing and heightened perceptions. The chemistry is of alchemical order… And so, they pursue further collaborations emanating and exchanging vibratory energies, improvisation serving as a catalyst for expressive connection with the Universal Creative Energy. It is the Vibratory force in motion which echoes between macro-microcosmos', the Music of the Spheres,
Harmony of the worlds, As above, So below… As a Trinity, Triad and Triangle they construct, sustain and deconstruct sounds and processes, harness intuition, geometry and Symbolism </\> Each trip… synchronicities and signs… A new space, new sounds, new systems, >> possibilities > exploration > performance becomes a site specific ritual where emotion and thought collide and integrate <> They flow with the vibration,
blow with the cosmic winds… They confirm, combine, and concoct the elements < AU FEU AIR ETHER>, United, they operate as Grand-Magus of Astral Magic, the sonic science of sound Mystics…