֍֍ Surprise Barbue ֍֍

Surprise Barbue , duo piece of Kevin Valentin and Benjamin Jr Moutte.
Ode for synthesizers. Robots with a chlorophyll taste wearing neon pink wigs. They illustrate shaded cinematic frames.
They paint misty asteroid vignettes as a tapestry. Cosmic patches, raw textures, arpeggiators either hypnotic or sharp. The character of each keyboards is expressed in a precise and careful mix, flowing in to a synthetic stream in fluorescent hues.



zamzamrec 066

Surprise Barbue



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zamzamrec 056

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Surprise Barbue

Super Barbu

66 copies - c 33
All music by Benjamin and Kévin
mixing and mastering by Nicolax
Artwork by Gladys
layout by Olmo
( 2019 )

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