֍֍ Surprise Barbue ֍֍

"Surprise Barbue is the duet of Kevin and Benjamin. Their music honors synthesizers and their infinite potential.
Cosmics drones, hypnotic or sharp arpeggiators, dense melodies, raw textures. The character of each of these keyboards expresses itself to sustain this synthetic stream.

The piece is more or less free-form and elastic (everything is played/recorded live), but keeps the impression of distinct tracks.
As a result, each set has a very specific color and atmosphere, with a narrative and cinematic aspect."


zamzamrec 056

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Surprise Barbue

Super Barbu

66 copies - c 33
All music by Benjamin and Kévin
mixing and mastering by Nicolax
Artwork by Gladys
layout by Olmo
( 2019 )

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