Oracle Column


Oracle Column is a new born multiform ensemble, conceived by Devid Ciampalini and Andrea Rusconi, which contemplates psychedelia, ethnic music, concrete music inspired by the inexhaustible lymph of free jazz.

Electronic textures of synthesizers and magnetic tapes, and a heterogeneous slot of acoustic instruments.

Currently they have collaborated with Ariel Kalma (sax, mini sax), Pietro Santangelo (flute, sax), Michele Guglielmi (Rhodes), Mario Marino (tabla, African percussion, transverse flute, gong), Matteo Lenzi (vibraphone, tam tam, temple block, cymbals), Francesco Pellegrino (sax), recording improvised sessions later rearranged and manipulated.

The name of the band takes its inspiration from the columns of the ancient Masonic initiations, archetypal symbols of the 'crossing point' that rise at the gates of sacred and mysterious places. Also called Joachin and Boaz, they are one of the most recognizable symbols of the Brotherhood and represent the balance between two opposing forces, an important timeless symbol with an esoteric meaning.

Their musical perception represents a door through which a common vision can flow, a sound ocean protected by the keepers of the Infinite.

Already active for years as musicians and composers, they have both ranged between genres and sub-genres, publishing for various labels including: Sonic Meditation, ZamZamRec, Yerevan Tapes, Ikuissus, Canti Magnetici, Kohlhass, Troglosoud, Les Diks qui Sautent, Neguse Group, Vaatican, Heimat Der Katastrophe, Crash Symbols, Hive Mind Records, etc.

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Oracle Column

Music performed, recorded and mixed in 2021 by
Devid Ciampalini and Andrea Rusconi.