Artist, Olmo Guadagnoli was born in Italy in 1982, and raised in a family of artists. His grandfather was a drummer and drawer, his uncle clarinettist and composer. He developed an interest for Arts at a very early age. At fourteen he attended the State Art Institute in Florence where he studied “Theatrical Decorum”. He started to play in a band and got involved in the underground art scene. With a collective of artists he also ran a pop-up gallery : Il Fondo Perduto.

In 2002, interested in discovering new horizons, he moved to Geneva. where he attended the Fine Arts Institute (HEAD) where he met a new group of sound artists with whom he discovered the "Electronic Arts" and started composing experimental music. Two projects were born: GBpka with Elia Buletti and UIUTNA, Olmo's sonic alter ego, a cosmically tuned craft of electronic music, where incredible and improbable are in a constant rhythmic dance. His music has been published by Ono Records, Vaatican Records, Rowboat, Wildrfid, Das Andere Selbst among others. He has toured and collaborated extensively...

In 2011, he moved to Bristol where he operated, inspired and embodied the constant rhythmic pulse and constant diffusion of electric energies and experimental networks... Always... Evolving... Towards the ever renewable sound.
Together with the artist and musican Héloïse Thibault and since 2011, they run ZAMZAM RECORDS a label devoted to exploratory music. They weave a network, or “nerd-constellation”, organize radio shows, concerts and festivals. They started FAG RADIO to broadcast some of the many regular occurrences and happenings. At the 2014 Supernormal festival in Oxfordshire, they initiated a TAPE BAKERY project, where they recorded live concerts, edited and produced the recordings, created, made and pressed the artworks, BAKED the tapes, freshly, on site, ready for collection. ZAM&ZAM commune and correspond with a myriad of musicians, artists, labels, venues, galleries, shops, radios and passionate souls all over the galaxy. They think magic and travel like waves, imagining, inventing and creating the rituals of tomorrow…

In Bristol they also ran a DIY and freeform artspace called The ZZZone. They curated and orchestrated happenings, music events and exhibitions, playing a pivotal role in the city's thriving experimental scenes...

In 2013, He started a new music project called H.U.M. with Heloise Thibault and the pluridiscinary artist Mark Wagner. They play tribalistic, spoken words, drony and mystical sounds. They've been touring Uk and Europe few times, they released a first tape on the mythical Bristol based cassette label Bumtapes and now a full LP TRINITY WAY for the legendary Rocket Recordings label.

Six months ago, Olmo and Heloise moved to the french countryside to refocuse and open a new cycle of radio residencies, tape releases, sonorous researches and supersonic adventures...







'' (((O)))V((( Uiutna )))V(((O))) '' NA)




Close your eyes, bang your head>
Uiutna sounds like loud geometry made out of wood.
Western gamelan or hypna-Doom or what the night has just told him.
Fluorescent forest on fire (((((((((((((((((((((((
rotating drums from cosmic parades /\
reverberations of magic screams


2007-2008 High School of Art and Design (H.E.A.D.),(Master), Genève, Switzerland
2002-2007 High School of Art and Design (H.E.A.D.), Geneva, Switzerland
1997-2000 Instituto D'Arte di Porta Romana, Theatrical Decorum, Firenze, Italy

Curatorial experience

2011 to Present, ZAMZAMREC, Independent Music & Art label, curator
2015 The ZZZone, DIY and popup art and music space, curator, Bristol, Uk
2014 The Tape Bakery, itinerant tapes record label, hosted by, Le Monstre Festival(ch),
Supernormal Festival(Uk).
2013 - 2015 Suprem Rituals (serie of concerts, curator, The Island, Bristol, Uk
2012 - 2015 FAG radio, free form Internet radio station.
2011 Lo-fi masks and noise, workshop, The Motorcycle showroom, Bristol, Uk

Selected performances

24/03/2016 / / FatOut Festival, w/ KinkGong, Conor Thomas, Kuro, Manchester, UK
03/07/2015 / / Woodland Gathering 3 Festival / Ulverston, UK
19/04/2015 / / Apiary Studios / Tesla Tapes/zamzamrec showcase, London, UK
18/04/2015 / / Café OTO / w/ GNOD (album lunch), London, UK
13/10/2014 / / Cirque Electrique w/ Salope, Deej Dhariwal, Paris, FR
26/10/2014 / / The Exchange, w/ Sleaford Mods, Sudden Infant, Bristol, UK
13/09/2014 / / The Cube, w/ Elektro Moskva, Tom Bugs, Hellfire VC, Bristol, UK
01/08/2014 / / The Crypt, w/ Some Truths(aka Bass Clef),$hit & $hine, Bristol, UK
24/06/2014 / / Café v Lese, w/ Stred Sveta, Prague, CZ
20/06/2014 / / Bei ruth, w/ Jealousy Party, Delmore Fx, Massicot, Berlin, DE
21/03/2014 / / cave 12 / H, Mark Wagner, Geneva, CH
18/11/2013 / / The Exchange, w/ Jarboe (Swans), Foehn, Bristol, UK
31/08/2013 / / Les Digitales FESTIVAL, Paradiso, CH
18/08/2013 / / WOOLF MUSIC FESTIVAL, Cleeve House, Wiltshire, UK
03/08/2013 / / The Crypt, w/ Shit and Shine, GNOD, Big Naturals, H, Bristol, UK
23/03/2013 / / The Motorcycle Showrooms, w/ Bad Guys, Bristol, UK
01/03/2013 / / w/ Anthroprophh, Giant Swan, H / Fag Studios, Bristol, UK,
21/02/2013 / / Pan.go.ro Pub, w/ Umanzuki, HolyHole
, Florence, Italy
06/05/2012 / / w/ H, Mxlx, Kro de la bestiole / 6b, Paris, Fr
07/04/2012 / / Schijnheilig, the Vondelbunker,w/Tucano, Amsterdam, Netherlands
08.04/2012 / / Bar à bateau, w/ Tucano, Child Abuse, Staer, Antwerp, Belgium

22/03/2012 / / DalVerme, w/ Tucano, Rome, Italy
29/05/2011 / / Oslo Comics Expo, Oslo, Norway
05/05/2010 / / Mapping Festival, w/ Steaknet/ Teatrino Elettrico, Geneva, CH
02/05/2010 / / Cannibal Caniche Festival w/ Anita, Onefuckone, GB... / Berlin, De
02/03/2010 / / Wildrfid party w/ Exteenager and Donald Suck / L'écurie, Genève, CH

27/04/2010 / / ''Talk's Cheap Show'' WFMU Radio, New York, US
27/11/2009 / / Queen Kong club, w/ Candie Hank / Ear Pwr, Neuchâtel, CH
07/04/2009 / / Cell project Space, w/ Phon, Team Lump Collective Art Show, London, UK

Selected Exhibitions

2015 - NewYearNewNoise, part of Rummaging Orchestra, performance, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
2013 - Free.Q Festival, Sound installation, Contemporary Museum, Villa Croce, Genova, IT
2010-2011 - Art residency, schloss-werdenberg, IOW, Installations and music, Bugs, CH
2009 - “Zonoff Café”, Video, Espace Labo, Geneva, CH
2008 - ''Le plus beau coucher de soleil'', Video-interactive, L'usine, Geneva, CH
2007 - ''AZ'' Speakers tower installation, Bernhard Bischoff Gallery, Bern, CH
2006 - ''Electric-Rendez-Vous'', Performance, Plug-in Gallery, Bâle, CH

Selected Publications


2016 H.U.M ''Trinity Way'' vinyl LP, Rocket Recordings, Uk

2015 Uiutna ''Black Web'' Cd, Ono Records, Uk, Vaatican Reecords, FR

2014 H.U.M ''We Are One'' tape, Bumtapes records, Uk

2013 Druss/Uiutna, Split tape, Zamzamrec, Uk

2013 Uiutna ''Nucleus'' Cd, Zamzamrec, Uk

2012 Uiutna ''Sword'' Tape, Zamzamrec, Uk

2011 Uiutna ''Ummilandia'' Cd, Das Ander Eselbst, Berlin, DE

2010 Uiutna ''Koukulo'', Lp vinyl, Wildrfid records, CH

Videos / Drawings

2013 ''Zonoff Café'' DVD, Berlin, DE

2010 ''Les plus beau coucher du soleil'' DVD, ''Zonoff and Edition Dasein'', Paris, FR.

2010 ''Zonoff Cafè'' DVD, '' Zonoff and Activerat'', Berne, CH

2008 ''Editions Ripopee'' Tord-Boyaux collection, Art Book, Syon, CH

2006 ''MAYDAYMAYDAY'' netart, zonoff.net


/////////ZAMZAM HOROSCOPE for the Wire Rewind 2014 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Magic Window and Revisitation of a whole Beautiful Cycle
Thankzz and Thoughtzz to all who made it happen
It's also a momentum to take the next wave
Celebrate and enter new visions

Dabess z /\ M z /\ M wishes


Héloïse & Olmo


/////w/ Anthroprophh, Olanza, Cosmic Dead - The Croft, Bristol 2013\\\\\\\\\\

Uiutna was a wrong science of dancy sequentials... shifting shells of rhythm and skipping beats … odd patterns riveted to the loopage and tipping candy … slivering curlicues and guitar fuzz dragged through noisy corridors …that dictaphonic use upping the angst that headed to a gloriously wonky rainbow of an finale…

''Michael Rodham-Heaps'' UK


//// Woolf Music Festival,
August 2013 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Uiutna's set was a twenty minute excursion into trance and noise, beginning with a superb rhythmically underpinned section that slowly degenerated into sounds and more… loved those hand-cymbals! The audience definitely enjoyed this set.

''Ian Fraser'' Terrascope, UK.


//// Distorzioni Magazine, 2012 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Ritual divinatory of a wandering that interprets signs...prehistoric-fluorescent graffiti(((
.......................................................... ......
''Valentina Loretelli'' IT


A2 Magazine (CZ)

Bassifondi? (IT)

radio station in New York City
























(videoclip and liveset)